Awesome I F*in Shot That


In 2004 the Beastie Boys recorded their sold-out show at Madison Square Gardens. They handed out about 20 cameras to people in the audience hence the ‘Awesome I F*in Shot That‘ of the title. Apparently AIFST was directed by Adam Yauch (MCA) although, as it’s a movie of a concert and MCA was on stage, I think the direction was a bit hands off. (MCA used the name Hornblower – see above poster for quote regarding that.)

Usually I would avoid concert movies like the plague. Even when it’s a favourite band I find them tedious. I don’t really like watching video clips either. I either want to see the band in concert or just listen to their music. Having said all of that I loved AIFST!

I was lucky enough to see the Beasties live during this concert tour so it brought back some excellent memories of an excellent gig. I almost touched Mike D! But I didn’t because nobody wants randoms touching them – creepy. And I danced so hard and sang along so hard and had a great time in general. I’d loved them so long and was finally at a gig! So, good memories – yeah!

Beastie’s certainly put on a good show and this movie catches them at a real high. It also captures the crowds love for them. Having the cameras in the crowd gives a grungier, closer feel which works well and makes a nice change from the perfectly presented concert. Don’t worry there are also the usual cameras onstage etc, it’s not all hand-held, you’re not going to vomit.

The Beasties know what we want and we get it, but this one’s interesting as it’s not just them as MC’s but as musicians. You get a bit of everything from them. Plus, OMG, Mix Master Mike – mad skillz! And for a little extra fun we get some back stage shenanigans. Lovely.

I really enjoyed this movie. I guess I was pleasantly surprised. I got carried away with it and it was all over in a flash. At the same time I am unlikely to ever watch it again because it’s still a concert movie.  Whatever critique that made me put this on my must watch movie list obviously hit the nail on the head.

Bringing it all home, of course, is the fact that MCA has passed away since this movie was made. This is it. This is the Beastie Boys and they’re a little bit wonderful.



loudQUIETloud: A film about the Pixies


I love the Pixies. I jumped on the bandwagon in about 1990 when a good mate introduced me to Come on Pilgrim/Surfer Rosa. First listen and I was in love. It’s still one of my all-time favourite albums and I still listen to it regularly (in order because if it doesn’t play the way I listened in the 90s I feel weird #preshufflecdplayer). It’s up there with Nevermind for my 90s good times listens.

Therefore I looked forward to loudQUIETloud and I know exactly why it’s on the list. I wish I had watched it in 2004 though because now I want to know about them in 2014! (I know I could google it but too hard, lazy, sounds like work.)

This doco is about the Pixies reforming to tour around the world for the first time in about 10 years. Black Francis is still your go to guy for ego and controlling behaviour and Kim Deal is still your go to gal for angst and addictive behaviours.

All the members are a little older and a little wiser. Kim is a year off the drugs and alcohol (although she is constantly drinking no alcohol beer which seems a little odd but probably is comforting). She also requires her sister to travel with her which is another comfort in a difficult time for her.

Each of the members is harbouring a little doubt about the whole tour as well as some resentments toward each other about the way things ended last time and, I think, wondering if they can pull it off this time.

These guys have a weird dynamic and spend a lot of time sitting around in quiet rooms not speaking at all. Most bands seem to have a strong camaraderie but not these guys. It’s like they enjoy the music they make but not much else. As the film progresses they do get closer and show genuine affection and care for each other but their communication skills are sorely lacking. Each interview with a band member reveals how little any of them know about their future or what is currently going on because they never talk about it!

The movie is a little low key. It’s not dramatic or sad or intense, it is a portrait of a group of people who are very private and are all dealing with some pretty intense issues. It’s all about the music for them but the doco is all about them plus some awesome music.

Since they reformed I have seen them live twice here in Australia and they were absolutely wonderful. Their joy in the performance and the love from the crowds was quite clear.

I’m pretty sure loudQUIETloud is a film for the fans but because I am a fan that also means I can’t really tell, so maybe it’s a film for everyone who likes music and bands and people and tour buses and concerts and non-alcoholic beer and pixies.