I’m Not Scared

I'm not scared 2

I was. Scared that is. This movie starts out like a horror film. I’m not good at horror. I spent the first twenty minutes watching the stressful parts through my fingers. Which is hard when you’re also trying to read subtitles.

I’m Not Scared is a great film. A really intelligent thriller.

The main character is a ten year old boy who is intelligent and brave. Although a little too brave really as he insisted on looking down the hole a few too many times if you ask me (I’ll answer from behind my fingers).

Said hole contained a little boy who I thought was a monster at first (when looking through my fingers) but things turn out a little different from how it starts.

This film was so clever. The main character didn’t do anything ridiculously heroic or stupid action-y he just reacted as an inquisitive child with a good heart would. The situation he found himself in was realistic when considering his village life and the secretive nature of the villagers and his folks.

I completely recommend this one. And even though you feel like you need to watch from behind the couch at first it really isn’t a horror film at all. The suspense is so well achieved. No cheap use of what I like to call ‘stress music’. (You know the stuff, thudding beat building to a crescendo that you know is going to make you jump – I’m looking at you The Woman in Black – I hate those films. They really would be almost nothing without the stress music.)

Even Miss 14 who watched with me (and also started out ‘behind the couch’) thought this was a good movie.

I did wonder when it started why I would have written a horror movie on to my list as I’m so completely useless at watching them (damn you stress music) but I should trust myself (maybe).

Also, it’s in Italian and, yay, subtitles win!

Next film on the list is The Triplets of Belleville. This one’s a cartoon, I remember that much, it may also be a musical, not sure. Might be okay to watch with the kids anyway.