For the last 15 years or so I have been writing down the movies I hear about, read about or see reviewed and think to myself “I’d like to watch that”.

Currently there are 219 movies on that list.

I have decided the time has come to start at the beginning and watch them all. So I decided to write about the experience.

I think there will be a few hurdles. Namely time to watch movies and children being about the house wanting to watch TV themselves. We have two TVs but the kids like to watch with me so I will be trying to get through a few of these after they’ve gone to bed.

Another problem is that I thought some of these movies were interesting up to 15 years ago. I have changed a lot in 15 years as have my experiences. For example I didn’t have children 15 years ago so I could watch the nightly news without crying, not anymore. So I tend to choose jollier things to watch now than I used to. No sad French films for me thanks.

I have always loved action films so a few are sure to be pretty trashy low brow too. Yay! My favourite. (I’m serious action is my favourite.)

I had thought to look up all the random names I’ve written down on imdb but I think it will be more interesting watching them knowing as little as possible.

My movie list started as a piece of paper on my fridge but now has it’s own book that I am constantly adding to (which is both exciting and depressing because I hardly ever end up watching them… until now!).

Well, tonight I’ll be watching Intacto which is second on my list as I can’t find a copy of Kaante with English subtitles. I think Intacto is in Spanish but maybe French. I hope it’s not in French because I’ll probably cry.