The Impossible

the impossible

I seriously thought I wrote this one but I must have just written it in my head probably at around 5 am because that’s when my brain likes to write long missives but my body does not want to get up so I can’t write anything down which results in my missives (which I’m sure are excellent and a loss to the writing world) being entirely useless (not like the things I write when I’m awake – they are so useful…). Yet I convince myself I’ve written a blog entry – nice one brain.

So, The Impossible. It’s a true story so it’s another story I was spoiled on before I watched the film not because I read the book (eeuw – nonfiction) but I saw the author interviewed. Also it’s called The Impossible which I feel gives quite a lot away (but that’s all the explanation you get).

The first half hour of this film is seriously some of the best cinematography I have ever seen. It depicts the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in all its horror to the point that it’s almost too real – how did anyone survive this? While it’s a horrible thing to make a pun about, I was literally blown away by the power of the film. Brilliant. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to watch this in the cinemas. It must have been almost too much to bear.

Unfortunately, another hour or so of what amounts to a pile of drama follows which was a real let down. The first scenes were just too good. Nothing could maintain my amazement after that half hour that had me on the verge of tears. The drama that followed just seemed trite. Of course, being a true story I knew I should have felt more but having been spoiled I also felt I had an out – in terms of knowing not to get too involved in the red herring drama moments.

Admittedly, Ewan McGregor and especially Naomi Watts (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… you know the rest) were amazing. Did Naomi win something for this? She should have. Ewan was sweet but in a lot of ways he really had the easier role. Naomi’s character’s pain was palpable. Every scene clearly outlined the pain in her body and the pain in her heart while also the strength she maintained, mental and physical, for the child she was also trying to save. Wow – that’s some acting there. Without her I think this film would have completely lost me after that mind-blowing start.

It was really hard to write this post without saying I was “swept away” – I hate myself…


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