Jack Reacher

Is it just me or does Tom seem a bit 'stretched' in this poster? Reaching for Jack Reacher height I think...

Is it just me or does Tom seem a bit ‘stretched’ in this poster? Reaching for Jack Reacher height I think…

So it turns out that Jack Reacher is a genuinely average action vehicle for Tom Cruise. Truth bombs hey! Woah, I would never have guessed.

I have only read one Jack Reacher novel and I liked it. It was action heavy and dialogue low, unlike Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher. There were bits where I actually felt embarrassed for Tom and whatever woman was standing near him (seriously she’s there but so not an important character when you really get down to it) when he had to say everything that Jack Reacher was thinking and that most people would never have to say out loud. The good thing about the book was that you know what JR is thinking. (No-one shot JR by the way – though that could have been interesting although as I’m sure this is about to become a franchise it seems unlikely.) In the film we have to hear everything he’s thinking – oh, so tedious.

I think that the screenplay writer probably could have left a lot out and we (the great movie watching public) probably could’ve worked out what was going on. (How stoopid do they think we are? Don’t answer that – I know!)

Still we did get some classic Tom action moments. A glorious car chase, a never ending shoot out (which did actually end but it felt like it went on for ever!) but because I had been so distracted by my embarrassment for Tom having to say all the words ever in the universe I just didn’t really enjoy the action. I hate that.

In the books JR is really tall and all the ladies like that but Tom is not really tall but all the ladies like him anyway so I suppose that is okay. At least he is the right age. Still, the pretty woman really wanted to go the kissing and that didn’t happen because JR is not supposed to be a floozy going from town to town hooking up with the pretty women, which really was quite a relief. An action film without a gratuitous and useless sex scene – yay! JR is supposed to be the coolest guy ever who goes around from town to town saving the day with his awesome Military Police skills and his height (or his Tom Cruiseness as appropriate).

Here’s something I liked – they didn’t over play the fact that JR never washes his clothes and that he just buys new ones. It’s a quirk of the character (when you’re a town to town roaming non-floozy ex-Military Policy type hero you don’t want no baggage, y’hear?) and considering how much JR talked about everything else he was thinking all the time it was refreshing not to have to hear that explained.

I think I’ll just stick with the books if I need to get to know JR any better.


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