The Cabin In the Woods


Now I’m not usually a horror fan, I’m too easily grossed out, freaked out, stressed out and scared up. I used to be totally immune as a teenager. I’ve seen all the Friday 13ths’s, Halloweens’s and Nightmare on Elm Streets’s but those babies are slasher classics. All over-the-top blood splatter and screaming teens. The problem is that at some point (after the 80s) mainstream horror got a bit too real for me. I just can’t handle the Saw type horror where it’s based on torture and realism. If that shit could be done by a person to another then I can’t handle it. If it’s being done by Freddy Krueger then that’s just dandy.

(An aside… after I watched Nightmare on Elm Street the first time when I was 13 I started having regular dreams I was being hunted by Freddy. He is the worst character to have hunting you in your dreams cos of that being his thing ‘n’ all – it was Nightmare on My Street. However, it all ended one dream where I grabbed a chopping knife, cut his heart out and chucked it in the fire.  I seriously never had a nightmare about him again.  I’m completely kick arse in dreamland y’know.)

So, The Cabin in the Woods… it’s a horror film but it’s a horror film written by Mr Joss Whedon who has got to be one of the cleverest wrtiter/directors out there at the moment. I’m a Buffy fan from way back so you can just correctly assume my love for Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse, The Avengers and anything else he touches. Luckily, Cabin is no exception.

If you’ve ever thought “what I’m after is an enticing mix of sci-fi, supernatural themes, comedy and horror” then this is the movie for you.

Watching Cabin is like watching a mash up of Evil Dead, Hellraiser, The Wicker Man (original not Nick Cage -way to ruin a film Nick), 2001, Solaris, 1984  and Vacation. It’s different, yet strangely familiar and every now and then you just have to laugh. It’s gory (there will be blood splatter), there are monsters, there are demons, there are teenagers, there are lots ot trees all over the place,  there is a cabin and there are folks in suits.

I like the bigger picture that’s always in play here and that you’re introduced to it straight away so the mystery is ‘why is this happening?’ more than just who’s going to die first. Although if you’re a horror aficionado or watched Scream you’ll be able to pick the order in which deaths should occur – Whedon sticks to the rules on that at least.)

Cabin is my kind of horror. I’m definitely going to watch it again for all the little storyline gems that I missed the first time because I didn’t watch it very closely (*cough*myhandwasinfrontofmyface*cough*).

If you like clever horror you should watch Cabin, if you only like realistic horror fests you shouldn’t.  Or at least watch it knowing it ain’t your usual horror film.


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