World War Z


Ever wonder why people are stressed out by zombies? Unless you’re asleep how likely are you really to get bitten by a stumbling, moaning, slow walking dead person? We should all be able to survive the zombie apocalypse just by walking fast in the opposite direction and shutting a door, right? If somebody was stumbling at me I wouldn’t be waiting around to find out if they were drunk or a zombie, I’d be walking pretty fast right out of there. Sure I get that if there are a big group of them but even then maybe I could try running fast in the opposite direction and shutting a door? Just thinking you know – of course none of these are things I’m willing to test.

World War Z on the other hand leaves no room for luxurious wandering in the opposite direction away from the zombie hordes those z-bombs are on you before you’ve even had a chance to wonder if they might be drunk. These zees are mad, bad and fast. Brilliant! You know what fast zombies means don’t you? That’s right – ACTION!

Brad Pitt stars in WWZ and he is on his toes the whole time. The action begins almost straight away (which I love – I spit on your boring back story, where are the zombies?!) and pretty much everyone is dead or zombie by that night.

Brad Pitt is a stay at home dad who just happens to be ex-military (or something – whatever – zombies! action! I don’t care). Of course he is the only one who can save the day (Brad action!) and really just be the touch of death to everyone around him (death action?).

I actually liked that there was some explanation of the zombie outbreak (part way through the film not at the beginning – I spit on that) and that the virus was mutating so surprises (and, no doubt, a sequel) are pretty inevitable.

”OMG – the horrible zombie virus mutated!!! We must make another movie!!”

I once read on a science blog (no action) that the only way a zombie apocalypse could occur within the realms of reality was if a super virus attacked the areas of peoples brains that controlled rage (no control all rage action! – which I realise is basically 28 Days Later) and the hunger controlling part of the brain at the same time (hunger action!). So maybe a super fast spreading zee virus is a possibility (yeah, action virus!). Maybe the WWZ zombies are actually more realistic than your general back from the dead kind. I’m going to stop with the science there because I just can’t science no more.

The whole movie is fast paced and non-stop except for the really stressful bit. It gets kinda slow there…

I liked the hint dropping along the way too. They were extremely obvious hints so I didn’t miss them (action is distracting okay). This movie sure ain’t subtle in its hint dropping. There may have actually been some slo-mo there just to be sure everyone saw the hint. If only it had been in slo-mo for Brad it wouldn’t have taken him so long to get it. Admittedly there was a lot of zee action happening to him.


6 thoughts on “World War Z

  1. I really didnt like world war waz, I thought they spent way to much time focused on brad pit, and not nearly enough time on the zombies. Now as far as fast zombies go though, 28 days later and 28 weeks later were both awesome

  2. After reading the book, I really am upset with this movie. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t good or anything, it’s just that it’s so obvious that there were some pretty amazing source-material wasted. Good review.

    • Yeah, I haven’t read the book but I had heard it is really different from the movie and there’s no main character as such. I hate movies of books where they just get it all wrong. It’ll be interesting when I do get a chance to read the book. 🙂

  3. This is an okay flick! Not as amazing or memorable as I had initially hoped yet nothing to complain about. Laws are being passed in the states (Florida) in regards to the possibility of a zombie invasion!

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