Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol


Woah! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in ages! (Although there is a lot of grammar in the title which is slightly odd but I suppose it makes sense.)

I know some people have an inbuilt Tom Cruise dislike but luckily I do not as he is the go to guy for high intensity action stunt mayhem. (And, to divulge a little embarrassing truth about myself here, I thought he was a hotty when I was a teenager and that sort of thing doesn’t entirely leave a girl even in to her motherhood years although it’s more of a soft spot than a hot spot now…)

Less divulging more actioning…the scenes on the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai were gut wrenching and edge of the seat. Aargh, the heights! Knowing that Tom did some of his own stunts up there just adds to the Aargh. I saw this in HD and it was almost a little too real. I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t get to see this at the movies as the heights probably would’ve made me nauseous.

So, storyline you ask. Well, let me tell you about the storyline… Hey you, ACTION! First of all Tom is in jail and then he’s not (ACTION!) then Tom meets up with Simon Pegg (more funny less action) but then Tom goes to the Kremlin (ACTION!) and then Tom gets caught by Russian cops (ACTION!) and then Tom goes to Dubai (Burj Khalifa ACTION!) and then Tom goes to India (Bollywood ACTION! – not really but there is ACTION!) and then Tom saves the whole friggin’ world (ACTION!!!!!). Oh, and there’s a car chase in there too, in a sandstorm, in Dubai (ACTION!).

Storyline? Unnecessary I say. Acting skills? Unnecessary I say. Character development? Unnecessary I say. Action? Hells YEAH!

I like action films.

This film is an all-out no holds barred action film and if you don’t like that sort of thing don’t watch it. Also it’s extremely blokey in casting terms. Always a bit of a letdown but I’ll let M:I-GP off the hook cos’ ACTION! It really would be cool to see a female actress/stuntmaster pulling off some of the stunts but then you know it is a Tom Cruise film after all and we all know Tom doesn’t like to share.

I can’t wait for the next one.

In the words of Ricky Bobby “Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to [make the next M:I a good one!]”. So really, only sort of in the words of Ricky Bobby.

I have little else to say about this film except “ACTION!”.

I like action films.


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