Monsters University


I start with the fact that I love Monsters Inc. Love love. It is one of my favourite movies. So, yes, I was disappointed by Monsters University.
It was fun to finally see another Monsters film. Mike Wazowski is a great character.  And I was hoping for more shenanigans from the little one eyed green guy but unfortunately it was just more of the same.  There wasn’t really any new insights into the main characters although Randall’s squint story was nicely done. There were some lovely touching bits about being true to yourself and finding the life path that suits your strengths. Too obvious for my liking and it’s the same message as Monsters Inc.
I can’t say I didn’t laugh during this movie, there are definitely laughs. It’s just nothing new. It’s kind of predictable and feels more like an excuse to get the characters out again to make a bit of dosh.
All it did was make me want to watch Monsters Inc again so I could feel the love love. I suppose it explains things a little bit but that’s not enough.  It needed a kickin’ story line for the characters to interact with. But, no, the story was predictable. I liked the first one because, for a kids movie, it was not too predictable and the ideas were new and fun. What great idea – the monsters are real kids and they are in the creaky wardrobe. The wardrobe doors are so much more than what they seem and we spend our lives opening and closing figurative doors and sometimes there are monsters! The metaphor is awesome.
I’m sad. I wanted to like it so much. This one is by the books and for the money. Nice to see all the gang again. That’s about it.
Mike’s New Car was better.


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