Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

This one’s a more recent addition to the list but I was looking for something to watch with the kids and Miss 14 recommended it. I have to say that her recommendation was greatly appreciated by me (especially because it’s on my list and I could knock another one off but also because it is a great film!).

Pitch Perfect made me laugh out loud, actually and repeatedly. Rebel Wilson as ‘Fat Amy’ (not sure this is funny but, you know, movies) is hilarious and I can see why everyone wanted to work with her after this. And I don’t just say this because she’s Aussie (and we tend to act like we own all the succesful exports from round these parts plus the New Zealand ones) but she is very funny. I bet you she adlibs like a fiend.

I also like Anna Kendrick as the lead (who I also liked in Camp – one I prepared earlier). It’s refreshing to see a less conventionally gorgeous actress leading a Hollywood movie usually only the British cast less conventionally gorgeous women in TV and movies.

It’s nice to watch an ensemble comedy that revolves around the lasses and isn’t overly devoted to romance. Don’t get me wrong romance abounds in Pitch Perfect – it just doesn’t overpower. This movie certainly passes the Bechdel Test, no worries.

Of course, the Glee comparisons pop into my head as I watch but this time they can be overlooked (unlike Camp) as the machinations are similar but not the characters. These women are misfits and lovin’ it. They want to win but it doesn’t define them (okay, maybe one of them but there’s always one isn’t there?).

I’d just like to point out here that, yes, they battle adversity and, yes, they are the underdogs and, yes, it gets bad in the middle and, yes, it will all probably work out exactly as you expect it will but for some reason (writing? acting? directing? all of the next to?) the journey just carries you along on a wave of good feeling and laughs.

Of course I don’t usually like a musical but this movie ain’t no Kaante and the singing is what it’s all about – I could tell that from the title (did anyone really think this was a horror movie about a serial killer who can aim a pitchfork really well? Or maybe it’s a baseball movie? Or maybe a movie about really excellent sticky black stuff? Stop me, I could go on!).

Anyhoo, I was pleasantly surprised and exceptionally pleased that no one randomly burst into song halfway through a sandwich and that singing occurs as expected (musical sanity at last).

I suppose they are making a Pitch Perfect 2 and I hope it is as good as the first but I bet it will be a rehash with more of our, by now, favourite women and no doubt lots of Fat Amy. Fingers crossed it can deliver as much fun as the first.

To keep you informed, this was the second time Miss 14 had seen Pitch Perfect and she still liked it. Miss 11 did not like it: “It’s boring”.


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