The Yes Men


The Yes Men features feats of audacity that are almost too much to believe. I literally gasped at times and found my hand over my mouth at one point for the utter disbelief of what they were saying.

Back in the early noughties these two blokes became really good at making fake websites. Their George W fakesite ended up receiving requests for the then Presidential candidate even though the site was filled with honest to God statements by Mr GW himself that were absolutely dreadful. GW’s team would have sued for defamation I’m sure if only it hadn’t all been true!

Anyway, this led to them beginning a World Trade Organisation fakesite at contains outrageous statements about the policies of the WTO. Seriously, go check it out.

The WTO was singled out for its ongoing policies of ‘money, money, money – how can we make rich people even richer and legally exploit every asset the earth contains (or that walks upon it) while spending as little as possible?’. Great policy guys. These are the guys who negotiate with governments to ensure free trade unhindered by pesky things like human rights (extreme version learned from The Yes Men – everything I know I learned from movies).

This in turn has led to them being invited as WTO representatives to trade events around the world. And they went. Herein lies the shock and awe. These two are brave souls and the best life hackers I have ever seen.

At one event in Europe they speak to an audience filled with the CE’s of manufacturing businesses and politely tell them that the North wasted it’s time in the civil war as slavery would have ended anyway when Southern slave owners realised that it’s cheaper to pay an employee base wage in their own country than to house and feed an unpaid worker in the US. They completely outlined the current modern day slave labour conditions of third world workers and called it a good thing. Then the audience clapped… (Hand over mouth at this point).

But it went further! The stuff this audience listened to – I really hope they were just super polite and inside were thinking WTF???. Here’s hoping. It seems unlikely though as one of the Yes Men then went on to strip out of his suit and reveal an ‘executive leisure suit’. He states that the WTO made the suit so overworked executives had time to take part in leisure activities while still being able to oversee their third world factories – through a computer screen – that is on the end of a giant phallus that pumped up from the guy’s groin! I kid you not, the audience still didn’t get up and scream WTF??? Here’s a picture:



See this movie; make up your own mind. Are we super polite or super screwed up enough to always put profit before people? How I hope it’s not the latter while knowing quite well that it generally is.

Also, I never want to eat a poo burger…


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