So, Intacto starts in French without subtitles, so I didn’t cry because I couldn’t understand it (excellent), then moves to English without subtitles,  fine by me really, then Spanish also without subtitles. The problem being that I don’t speak Spanish.

Basically, due to a lack of subtitles I skipped to number 3 on my list, Camp.

Camp is basically Glee before Glee. Camp was released in 2003, 6 years before Glee started and maybe if I hadn’t seen Glee before Camp I might have liked Camp better.
Camp has everything Glee has. Gay boy who likes to wear dresses (admittedly 2 Glee characters in one), nerdy girl who sings real good, sporty good-looking guy who sings and plays guitar (drums in Glee), overweight black girl etc, etc. There’s even the straight girl, straight boy, gay boy love triangle. Just switch singing camp for school and you’ve got Glee.

Somehow, it just wasn’t as charming as Glee, plus I didn’t know any of the songs.
I almost wonder how Glee got away with using such similar characters but then considering it’s taken me 11 years to watch Camp and I haven’t heard a thing about it since I wrote it on the list, maybe it’s not so surprising.

Stephen Sondheim made an appearance but I only know who he is because one of the characters told me.

The only famous face (apart from Stephen Sondheim apparently) was Anna Kendrick. I forget what she’s in but I knew her face. Wikipedia tells me she’s in Pitch Perfect which is also on my list. Eep, musicals!

Next on my movie list is I’m Not Scared. I think it’s in Italian. Considering my subtitle luck so far I’m not holding my breath…


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